Monday, May 21, 2012

DIY romantic hair tutorials

A great way to save a lot of money is for you and your maids to do your hair yourselves.
Here's some great, romantic hairstyles that are easy to do yourself, or with a friend. Just practice a bit before hand.
This first one takes just a stretchy headband!

This is the one I wore on my wedding day!

Keep in mind that if you DO go the salon route, they will charge you extra simply because it's for a wedding. When I got my hair done for prom, they asked if it was for a prom or wedding when I made my appointment. I later asked my stylist why it mattered, she told me that they charge twice as much for the EXACT SAME hairstyle if it's for a wedding!! Outrageous!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Theme idea: Steampunk wedding (cont...)

An amazing reception set-up! With giant clock faces, lush table cloths, and huge glider model,
set in what I suspect is an old barn or warehouse.

A fantastic vintage gown with contrasting gloves and boots
A simple white dress, with the right additions,
makes this steampunk bride absolutely fabulous!
An alternative bouquet with chains, gears and  other random bits!

Beautiful invites by Royal Steamline Invitations

Handmade, personalized cake topper by Scissormill on Etsy only $18!

Glass ball pocketwatch necklaces on Amazon
great for bridesmaids gifts! $1.69!!

Lace-up boots, the perfect choice for bride or bridesmaids!
 on Amazon $34.88

Available in white, black and brown.
Brown felt top hat on Amazon for only $14.88!
perfect for your groom and his men!
Beautiful wood and nylon parasols on Amazon $9.99
a great accessory for bride or bridesmaid, or decor!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Theme idea: Steampunk wedding

An off-white corset dress, a tiny top hat, and blooms in muted hues set the mood.

The guys get as much attention as the ladies in Steampunk inspired suits!

Divine Hat Designs on Etsy makes this sweet little mini-top hat- only $35
plus they can customize a tiny top hat just for you!

Seamstress by the Sea on Etsy makes these lovely fingerless lace gloves- $12 has some great steampunk corsets for $85
Edible chocolate gears from Andie's Sweets 
are an affordable way to dress up your cake or cupcakes- $14
Check out this great overview video of a fantastic steampunk wedding!

...Stay tuned for more awesome steamy finds! I just can't get enough of this theme! 

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

How NOT to dress your bridesmaids!

Here's some helpful hints when choosing your bridesmaids dresses...

1.Matching hats rarely turn out well.

2. Friends don't dress friends like Halloween Barbie.

3. Just say "NO" to metallic fabrics.

4. Choose something that's figure flattering.

5. "Flesh-tone" is not a wedding color...

6....neither is camo.

7.Stripes and patterns rarely turn out well...

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Wedding color popularity

Choosing your wedding colors can be complicated.
 For our wedding it was easy since we both have the same favorite color, purple.
 According to the 2011 Wedding Market Insight Report,
 here is a break down of the top primary color themes couples want.

Picking a more common color can make it easy to find
 wedding items in just the right shade...
 Although you may want to choose uncommon colors to stand out.
Some things to consider when choosing your colors:
1. What colors do you love?
  Personally, I never considered not having a purple wedding. 
2. What, if any, theme, style or "feel" are you wanting for your wedding overall?  If you want a vintage feel, hot pink may not be the best choice. If you are like us and want some medieval/ren. faire details, then pastels are probably not going to work. 
3. If you are considering teal, stop. (Unless you have a ton of time and money to waste, and endless patience or a well-paid wedding planner.) There are at least 2 dozen very different shades of teal.  Matching your specific shade in fabric, ribbon, paper and anything else is going to be nearly impossible. Especially if you're looking to save money rather than spend premium $$$.

Shades of purple look great together!

4. Pick one main color. Consider just doing shades of a single color, this will make things easy! 

5. Don't pick too many colors. One color is great. Add one or maybe two accent colors, that's fine, but when you get more than 3 colors it all starts to look random. And unless you are having a Mad-hatter wedding or a rainbow wedding, random is not good.
6. Have a deep red/black wedding in summer, have a lemon-yellow/mint green wedding in December. Don't listen to outdated advice dictating what colors you must choose by the season you day falls on! Pick the colors you want and don't be constrained by traditional "in season" colors.