Monday, May 21, 2012

DIY romantic hair tutorials

A great way to save a lot of money is for you and your maids to do your hair yourselves.
Here's some great, romantic hairstyles that are easy to do yourself, or with a friend. Just practice a bit before hand.
This first one takes just a stretchy headband!

This is the one I wore on my wedding day!

Keep in mind that if you DO go the salon route, they will charge you extra simply because it's for a wedding. When I got my hair done for prom, they asked if it was for a prom or wedding when I made my appointment. I later asked my stylist why it mattered, she told me that they charge twice as much for the EXACT SAME hairstyle if it's for a wedding!! Outrageous!

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  1. Oh this is super pretty! Love the last one. :)