Thursday, October 6, 2011

The classic wedding arch

Click HERE to check out a basic arch from, (I've ordered from them before, and their shipping is super-fast!) for only $20.00! That's less than you'd pay to rent one! And it includes net lights. I have one just like it and have set it up at almost a dozen weddings, including my own!
Yep, that's me!
Check out that arch set-up at my wedding- decorated very simply with lengths of ivy, yards of tulle, and the net lights it came with. Notice that the base is sitting in planters full of rocks (covered with ivy, somewhat) this kind of cheap arch isn't stable enough to stand up on it's own, so be sure to steady it somehow-- for an outdoor wedding, you might be able to pound the legs into the ground. A wedding arbor is a very classic, and cost-efficient decorating choice. The easiest way I've found to add decorations is to use white or green zip-ties and snip off the hanging ends of zip tie (don't pull too tight), then afterword, use some small scissors or wire-cutters to snip them off and easily remove the stuff.
Here's some examples of how you can decorate an arch for your wedding-

If you love the look of greenery without a bunch of flowers

Even just lights and tulle looks good!

If you know someone with ivy vines growing around their house, or a big evergreen tree, or whatever other greenery you'd like to decorate with:
Zip ties
  • Cut the greenery the same day if possible
  • If you must cut the day before, stick the trimmed ends in buckets of water in the basement or garage (I did this and it works just fine!)
  • Fake greenery is just fine, too!
  • Put the lights on the arch before adding any other decorations
  • Use green zip ties to secure stuff to the arch (DON'T pull too tightly or it will be difficult to remove later)
  • Put any tulle or fabric you'll be using on before any flowers or greenery
  • If you're starting with a new or completely disassembled arch, have someone put it together the day before, it takes longer than you'd think if you've never done it before (I keep mine in two pieces, ready to be put up in about 5 min!)
  • Allen wrenches
  • You'll probably need an allen wrench set (aka hex-keys) 
  • Have fun and try not to freak out!


  1. So beautiful. I didn't get a large wedding. You look gorgeous!

  2. darn they dont have it anymore :(

    1. They DO have it at JoAnn'!

    2. has it also!

    3. Consumer craft has the cheapest one in stock right now- $27